Moving to a new place

Thank you, everyone, for following my blog.

As I am beginning to move to more serious endeavors, especially in establishing new working grounds, I am not continuing to post on this blog, and eventually close this within six months.

However, all the posts I made here were already migrated to this new blog of mine, and have new posts as well:

And I will be posting new things on the above blog. So if you have any questions regarding the contents of the posts and other related matters, please do so in the above blog.

Meanwhile, I will still be answering unanswered comments before I close this blog, so please wait for the reply (it will be a long wait though, sorry for that).

Lastly, let me take this opportunity to thank you all who read and follow this blog. I was delighted to know that my posts were of great help in your Revit API programming journey.

See you at

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